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Our Company

At Country Builders Construction, quality work and a professional reputation is the foundation for our accomplishments. It’s the way we do business. We know that successful projects are achieved only through consistency and quality workmanship. A commitment to upholding solid relationships based on confidence and built on performance.

Country Builders Construction has completed numerous projects for a wide range of clients. We’ve answered their specific needs — from the generally standard to the uniquely complex. In the process, we’ve earned a reputation for professionalism and cooperation, problem-solving, outstanding craftsmanship, and timeliness.

At Country Builders Construction, we are proud of the good name we have built in this competitive business. We have done so by delivering on our promises and rising to meet all challenges. A mission that now spans two generations. “There has never been a job left undone.”

Country Builders Construction Leadership

Bryan OffillPresident
Bryan has been with Country Builders Construction as one of our skilled carpenters and head foreman. He brings a large amount of expertise to our staff from years of hands on building. Bryan, the oldest brother, is the main drive behind CBCI’s ongoing desire to be the best.
Kelly OffillVice President
Kelly has also been with Country Builders Construction as one of our skilled carpenters and head foreman. He is the middle brother and brings a wealth of insight and structural integrity from years of expertise in the framing industry.
Keith OffillChief Financial Officer
Keith, the youngest brother, joined the CBCI team after Business School and years of hands-on training. He also has great insight in Architectural Design and handles all of our public relations and oversees our business aspects.

Building Superior Spaces

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